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Should I Install Cameras and an Alarm System to my Garage Door

02/09/2014 Back To Blog

Many people have taken plenty of protection measures to reinforce the security of their garage doors due to the increasing crime rates and their sense of insecurity, but can you blame them? Who wants to risk the safety of his family and property? Once, the alarm systems and the cameras were very expensive, but now technology has moved on and there are inexpensive methods to control your home and keep track of what's happening around your garage.

Why should I spend more money?

The latest garage door openers are great, but they can only protect you inside the garage and prevent accidents related to the mechanism. Hence, the perimeter of the garage remains unprotected and anyone could approach it, especially during the night time. If you already have an alarm system, you can easily connect it to the garage door and rest assured that the intruders will be discouraged.

Observe your house as you work

One of the most usual problems of modern families is that both parents are away from the house most hours of the day and they don't know whether their home has been targeted by intruders. Now, you can install cameras around the garage and keep track of the movements around it through your computer.

Keep the doors on the ground

Efficient security starts from the condition of the mechanism itself. There is no point of spending a small fortune on new security systems and cameras, if you constantly forget to do garage door maintenance. When the mechanism is vulnerable due to lack of services, the door is half open due to a problematic garage door cable and there is a big gap underneath the door because you have never replaced the bottom seal, you cannot expect miracles. There is meaning on installing extra security features and systems only when the door is in perfect condition, too.

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