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Garage Door Repair Bellerose
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Garage Door Spring

We are overhead door springs specialists readily available to provide full services. Our professionals are experts in extension and torsion garage door springs replacement

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Garage Door Repair

From garage door cable repair to torsion spring replacement and overhead door adjustment, we cover all needs with fast garage door repair services

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Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Need garage door spring adjustment? Call our notable company! We are masters in all services related to torsion and extension springs and promise fast response

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Garage Door Repair Bellerose

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The services offered by our local company cover residential garage door repair, installation, maintenance and replacement needs. Trained to fix home doors, their parts and openers by most brands in New York, our technicians offer fast response garage door repair services and are here to answer questions, replace worn parts and adjust your door

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: Union Turnpike
Bellerose, New York
Zip code: 11426

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We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
We offer garage door opener replacement and repair, help customers with reverse system problems in a timely manner, install overhead doors, provide routine inspections, replace damaged components and order new ones

Bellerose garage door repair in New York

Beautiful houses are subject to people’s tastes, color preferences, different designs, materials and styles. Yet, the required maintenance of all residences is rather common regardless if we are talking about luxurious huge houses or humble ordinary family units. One of the most important parts that should be regularly maintained is the garage door. Not only because it is used tens of times during each day, but also because it consists of hundreds of mechanical as well as electronic parts, which may wear down over the years or due to extreme temperatures.

Garage doors need thorough inspections

and services by professional groups that can prolong their lives and ensure their excellent performance. They can examine each and every part of the system detecting possible damages. One of the most significant parts is the opener since it is responsible for the actual opening and closing of the door and we, actually, have devoted an entire department of our company in the repair and replacement of all types of openers.

The technicians at Bellerose Garage Door Opener are experts in all opener brands. Of course, we carry the best brand names ourselves since we consider that Genie openers or Marantec openers as well as other famous manufacturers can guarantee the durability not only of the specific unit, but of the whole door as well. We give emphasis on the quality of our tools as well because they can help our technicians perform better and faster. They themselves are very well trained and they never stop keeping up with new technologies and techniques. They can make proper opener installations and replacements and they can efficiently repair small or big damages.

Garage Door Repair Bellerose,NYOpeners have, in fact, changed and sped up our lives. We have, actually, forgotten about manually handled doors that requested more time to operate and caused us back pains. Today, with the press of a single button the door opens and closes automatically and quickly. They are distinguished in three different types according to their loudness, speed and price. The chain drive motor is the first and simplest type and many people prefer it for its cheap price and its loud noise, as the chain is moving, because they like to hear the door operating, should a burglar tries to get in. Other people, though, cannot stand loud noises and, hence, prefer the next best option, which is the screw drive motor. This one is more expensive, but it doesn’t make the same noise. Now, if you want a completely silent drive motor, you should choose the belt drive, but you must keep in mind that you will spend something extra.

Openers initiate work when they get the signal from your remote or the switch on the garage wall. Of course, remotes are the more convenient solution for easy in and out access to your garage and we, at Bellerose Garage Door Opener, have a great collection that you can choose from. Actually, we are available to you for any information, supply of broken parts, services or repairs, replacements and installations. We are at your service 24/7 in an attempt to serve you best at all times by providing you our experience and expertise through effective work.

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